My Devices

My Devices summarizes the status of each of your devices and is only accessible after log in. Each displayed panel represents one of your devices. Right after account creation and before you have installed the Segira client software on any device, this list will be empty. The device roster is always followed by a single Installer download panel which gives you quick and easy access to the latest installer you can use to get Segira set up on your next device.

The following example shows a list of devices as they may be seen on your My Devices page. Our imaginary user has installed the Segira client on 3 computers: Larry, Curly & Moe. Each device/panel has a header with the name and optional description given to the device. In addition you will see whether or not the device is currently connected to the Segira cloud. The header's background color is a quick indicator of the state of this device:
Green (device is clean)
Yellow (device requires your attention)
Red (device hosts known malware)
The panel's body shows a device avatar which represents the type of device (desktop/laptop/...) and its state in the form of a green check mark, a yellow exclamation point or a red hand. When the device is being scanned, the avatar will show a progress circle instead. For details about the colors and other features please refer to the Manage Device help.

Larry whose description is Living room (both name and description are settings on and reported by the computer) is currently not connected to the internet, maybe because the computer has been shut down. Larry seems to have known malware on it as the header is red and there is a stop hand displayed on the screen. The number of suspicious files is reported to be 12. It also looks like Larry is a desktop computer, hence the desktop sized screen avatar. Larry has no files that require any attention and is currently idle, i.e. no scan is running. To obtain more details, start a scan or control settings, you would simply click the Manage device button. This will take you to Larry's device page. Please refer to the Manage Device help for further details.

Curly is a disconnected laptop with no files that require any attention nor does it have any known malware on it.

Moe is a desktop computer that is connected to the Segira cloud. It has 5 files on it that require your attention, thus a yellow header and the exclamation point. Your permission is required to upload these files for an in-depth analysis.

At the bottom of the list we can see the aforementioned Installer download panel. Click this link for more information on how to use it.