Segira is all about Cyber Security and helping you keep your electronic devices free of malware.

At this point we offer a free malware scanner for all your Microsoft Windows based desktop and laptop computers. Once you have installed Segira on your device(s), we will scan your systems for malware and display our findings. Subsequent scans currently have to be triggered manually by you. Fortunately all but the first scan will be very quick as we only scan new or changed files. Interaction with the Segira software on your devices happens almost exclusively through your account on our web portal. This is also where you can see scan results and manage your devices from anywhere in the world at any time.

To sign up for Segira you need an account on our web site:
Click here or on 'Account' & 'Register' at the top right of this site's menu to create an account.

Installing Segira on your device(s) is pretty straight forward:
1) Create an account or log in to an existing one.
2) Download a customized installer for you from My Devices (or use a previously downloaded one).
3) Use the downloaded file to install Segira on your Microsoft Windows desktop or laptop.
4) View scan results and manage devices via My Devices.

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